NOVA VIDA aims the creation of new bottom-up community-led frameworks, with the potential to transform how post-disaster infrastructure is conceived and deployed. This will be achieved by:
• Elucidating the existing formal and/or informal post-disaster management frameworks adopted for infrastructure reconstruction in Ecuador (as case of study), and the importance given to the role of physical and social integrity, as well as wellbeing of survivors, in the decision making process of reconstruction implementation strategies.
• Determining the effectiveness of implemented post-disaster management frameworks in Ecuador in the level of disaster recovery, by adopting a multi-dimensional assessment framework and indicators to capture the most important dimensions of recovery.
• Evaluating the feasibility of implementation, and level of local acceptance, of new bottom-up community lead frameworks for simulated post-disaster infrastructures reconstruction scenarios. This will be based on the knowledge gained through consultation of local communities using innovative immersive technologies such as virtual reality.