Post-disaster infrastructures for long-term social wellbeing – online Symposium

The symposium is linked to the activities of the NOVA VIDA research project funded by British Academy and led by the University of Leeds, centred mainly on developing novel approaches for post-disaster infrastructure. This study will be based on the experiences of Ecuador in the aftermath of the 2016 Earthquake, and the importance of housing, schools and community centres in their recovery process. Our long-term ambition is to increase social ownership of post-disaster infrastructure in Latin America.

This event will bring together academic researchers in the field of engineering, architecture, planning, urban geography, and environmental science along with industry experts and governmental stakeholders working in the field of post-disaster infrastructures, and risk assessment from the UK and Ecuador. The event will open conversations about strategies in the development of post-disaster infrastructure placing communities at the heart of such efforts. 

Link to the event: