NOVel Approach for Vital Infrastructure post DisAster

A paradigm shift in how post-disaster reconstruction processes occur will happen when community wellbeing and infrastructure deployment are equally considered. This research, co-designed with international stakeholders, evaluates post-disaster management cases in three cities in Ecuador, to create new bottom-up community-led frameworks for infrastructures development.


post-disaster resettlements

Acuarela II

The resettlement of Acuarela II is located in the south-east of Bahía de Caráquez and hosts approximately 170 families. The entire resettlements includes the 4d housing typology

Maria Enriqueta Orrantia

The resettlement of Maria Enriqueta Orrantia is located in the south of Bahía de Caráquez and hosts approximately 50 families. The entire resettlement was built by a local priest congregation and includes House on stilts

San Alejo

The resettlement of San Alejo is situated in the north-west of Portoviejo and hosts approximately 315 families. The most common housing typologies in this resettlement are the 4d and Single House

El Guabito

The resettlement of El Guabito is situated in the south-west of Portoviejo and hosts approximately 320 families. The entire resettlement includes the 4d housing typology

April 2016 | Earthquake in Ecuador

The earthquake emergency in numbers


moment magnitude


households affected


resettlements built


houses built

Living in resettlements: an analysis of day-to-day experiences and challenges

The subsequent section provides insight views into the living conditions several years after constructing the resettlements in Manabí. It analyses key social transformations occurring over time, as well as the material adaptations of the built environment. Furthermore, the section discusses how the social and economic reproduction of the households was affected by specific conditions of the resettlements.

It’s difficult for us, because only a dresser and a bed fit into a room. The girl is small now, and sleeps on a hammock, but she will need a bed for herself soon, and there is no room for any extra bed”

Inhabitant witness

The house is too small for a family. There are six of us, me, my four daughters and my wife……and there are also families with six children, I have no idea how they can make it”

Inhabitant witness

Before I installed the gypsum panels, the sun hit terribly. Even the fan was not blowing cold air but hot. However, when I open the window down there and the patio door, still very few air flows

Inhabitant witness



The NOVA_VIDA team adopted a detailed dissemination and communication strategy in order to promote the research results

An important part of the NOVA_VIDA research project is the organisation of symposiums, workshop and seminaries

NOVA_VIDA research project brings together architectural engineering, material science, urban studies and computer science